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Account Purchase Process

  • Select the account you would like to purchase.
  • Upon selection you can view and verify your desired Dota 2 Account
  • Once you have chosen your desired Dota 2 Account with the MMR you would like, click the Add To Cart button.
  • Follow the remainder of the checkout process and feel free to setup an account to return and reference your purchases at a later date.
  • Please allow up to 24 hrs for our team to send your credentials for the desired Account.

Dota 2 Account Purchase Info

All Dota 2 Accounts available for sale on Dota 2 For Life have been prepared specifically for sale by our Professional MMR Boosters.

You can rest assured knowing our reputable hand picked Boosters will ensure you are receiving an account which is both safe and ready for you upon first login.

Account Purchase Benefits

  • When buying a dota 2 account from our team of highly experienced Dota Boosters you are sure to be on the right track allowing your game progression to be much smoother and less of a struggle as yoru desired MMR rating.

Average Delivery Time

  • The Average Delivery time of all account purcahses are within 15mins to 24hrs of initial purchase. Please Note: These times may vary depending on order quantity and multiple account purchases.

For custom Dota 2 Account requests and orders feel free to contact our team directly by clicking here.